About TransAtlantic Container

TransAtlantic Container is a Swedish shipping and logistic company offering innovative transport solutions within the Baltic and North Sea area.

Headquarters is located in Gothenburg and is also commercially represented in Rotterdam.

Vision and mission

TransAtlantic Container’s vision is to be the preferred shipping- and logistics partner in the Baltic sea region.

When working with us you should perceive that TransAtlantic Container care about your business, that we put effort into learning about your needs so that we in common can develop product and services that create value for you. Our best moments are when we hear from you that we have contributed in opening up new markets or helped you to achieve your business targets.

For us it is the basis to deliver high quality services according to agreements. We do not operate everywhere, we are active in areas where we actually make a difference and are able to operate with excellency under the specific conditions in our core markets

Sustainable operations – Safe delivery!

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Ship operations include risks as well as negative impact on the environment. Our job is to reduce and mitigate unwanted and unforeseen events and minimise negative effects from our operations. Through systematic risk management and structured improvement management a satisfactory performance can be achieved.

One way of taking our responsibility further than legal requirements is through voluntary implementation of environmental and quality management system. Our management system, TransAtlantic Container Performance System, is our main tool to achieve our objectives within safety-, environmental- and quality. The main objectives are incident and accident free operation, limited impact on environment and society and high level of service quality that meet customers and others expectations.

In order to act and operate safe and responsible, routines, on-board as well as ashore are documented, regularly followed up and internally and externally audited. Essential parts of safe and responsible practice are risk assessments and personal responsibility. Evaluation of the need for risk assessment is an on-going consideration throughout all operations and tasks, from planning work/ operations/ tasks until phasing out opera¬tions. It is every employees responsibility to take personal responsibility for health, safety and environment by focusing on own behaviour.

Work with us

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Since the efforts of all employees are essential in the achievement of the goals and vision of the organisation, TransAtlantic Container encourages development and training.

Every employee has a training plan that is intended to result in the development of each individual. Job rotation is one of TransAtlantic Container’s tools for competence development. As an employee, you can expect to be offered new challenges as a part of your development.

We also believe that values are an essential part of every successful organisation. Our core values are formulated around three core areas; we believe in being customer centric in all we do, we focus on innovation and we should always be reliable. All together its about performance!

TransAtlantic Container’s managers are to be clear, visible role models with the ability to motivate employees. They are to work strategically and provide guidance toward our jointly established goals. An important part of their leadership is to demonstrate and create confidence by delegating tasks, being open and listening attentively.For us it’s simple: Great people do great things!

For more information please contact our HR Director [email protected].